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July - August 2016

Ripe For The Pickin’ !

July/August 2016

The tropical fruit season is in full swing now and we are moving through the summer time crops. Longans are ready to go, the annonas are loaded with tasty fruits, the avocado crop has begun, and the dragon fruit is plentiful.

There are so many fruits to enjoy at this time of year!

See what’s ‘Ripe for the Pickin’ now and

for these next few weeks!



August through September

The delicate, custard-y annonas should be ready to harvest beginning in August. These fruits have a sweet, very fruity flavor, and make a terrific dessert.



now until January/February

The Florida avocado season is underway with many varieties to last all avocado lovers until early next year. Florida avocados are lower in fat content, are larger than the grocery store avocados, and these Florida fruits have a luscious flavor that is perfect for salads, sandwiches and guacamole. Florida avocados ship very well,

so have some shipped today!



all year

Florida bananas are so much better than the grocery store bananas. Ours bananas are moist, have a delicate texture, and have hints of strawberries and citrus and other subtle flavors. Our growers also raise plantains, which have a lower sugar content than the dessert bananas, and they make wonderful tostones and fried plantanos.


Dragon Fruit

now to OctoberThe fruits of this cactus are ripe and are ready to ship to you. They will continue ripening throughout the summer until mid-Fall. If you have never tried one of these fruits, TRY ONE – you will be amazed at the sweet, delicate flavor they possess.



peak season now to September

The pink Florida and the white Thai guavas are at their prime for these next few months,

and oh, so tasty!



now through Fall

The largest fruit in the world grows right here in south Florida. The jackfruit’s flavor has been described as tasting like “Juicy Fruit gum” – and that’s a pretty good description!



now through August

The cousin to the lychee, the smaller, rounder longan, is at its peak right now. The trees are loaded with beautiful fruit and are wonderfully sweet.



now until late September

The early crop of mangos is off the trees, and we are now in the mid season varieties of our

d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s mangos!!!

We will have mangos until September but don’t let the season pass you by.



now until early fall

Once a mamey aficionado, always a mamey aficionado. The sweet pumpkin-y flavor of mamey gets you hooked right from the first bite, and those first bites of the season are here.



now through the summer

The main crop is on the trees and is ready to be sent to your door. Florida papayas grow all year, although the summer months are when they are most plentiful. Contact our grower to see if their papayas are,…

Ripe for the Picking!

________________________________________________________________ Starfruit / Carambola

Now until September

The second starfruit crop of the year is just getting started and will continue into September. These lightly sweet fruits are crisp, juicy and perfect for dessert, stir-fry’s, salad, and eating out of hand.


Keep checking here on this page to see which Florida tropical fruits will soon be…Ripe for the Pickin’ !

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