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There is a lot going during the month of April here in the tropical fruit groves of south Florida.

The winter/spring crops listed below are ripe for the picking and are ready for you

to enjoy right now. The summer fruit trees have set their crops and the fruit is growing fast

in these warmer and longer days of April.

There are always tropical fruits to savor in any month of the year, here in south Florida

Contact our growers to have them ship these tropical treasures to you now!


Below is a list of fruits that are typically ripe during April. But due to the variations in

weather patterns throughout the year, the fruits listed below may be earlier or

later by a few weeks then listed. Please contact the growers to see when their fruit is at its prime and

ready to harvest.



limited quantities

The banana crop is responding to the warmer temperatures of spring with

new leaves and flowers emerging at a faster pace. There are bananas available now

for you to enjoy, with many, many more on the way.


Contact our growers here to order these tasty fruits!




peak season now

The caimito is such a delightful fruit. It is easy to open and eat, lasts a good while

in the refrigerator as well as freezes well, and it is addictively sweet and tasty!

A win-win-win fruit.


Contact these growers here to order caimito!



limited quantities

The guava tree can produce fruit in all months of the year with its peak season

during the hot summer months. 

Take advantage of the delicious guava fruits that can be found now in April.


Get in touch with our guava growers to have them send you guava today.




crop starting to ripen

The mamey crop begins to ripen in April and becomes abundant from May to September.

This is a delicious tasting fruit that reminds one of pumpkin or sweet potato,

and is delicious made into milkshakes, pies, and eaten fresh.

It is a great time to enjoy Florida mamey!


Our growers have the most wonderful tasting fruit you will find, so get in touch with them here

to have some Florida mamey sent to your door.




limited quantities

These tropical melons are not only beautiful, but delicious. The sunset colors of the fruit

hint at their tropical, exotic flavor that is perfect in smoothies, fruit salads, and eaten fresh.

Contact our papaya growers to have them send Florida papaya to you!



Passion Fruit

peak season until June

The small round fruits of the passion fruit vine begin ripening in April.  These fruits

contain intensely flavored juice that is terrific in

smoothies, ice creams, puddings, salad dressings,… in ANY sweet or savory dish!


Our passion fruit growers are listed here.





until June

This Central American fruit is a favorite in Latin and Asian cuisines. This fruit that tastes

like a pear soaked in brown sugar can be used in pies, custards, smoothies, and eaten out of hand.

It has a long season of fruiting, which began back in January,

but there are a few more months to enjoy this year’s crop.


Contact our sapodilla growers here.

Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
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