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The “winter” is upon us when our nights may dip into the 50’s and the high temperatures head

for 80 degrees during the shorter days. It is these cool nights that trigger the tropical trees

in south Florida to flower, with fruit likely to follow. But despite our cool temperatures,

these are tropical fruits ripening on the trees and our growers are harvesting these tasty treats!

​Contact one of our growers to send you a little taste of summer during this long winter stretch.

The fruits listed below are typically ripe during February. However, due to the variations in

weather patterns throughout the year and cultural practices, the fruits may ripen earlier or

later then listed. Please contact the growers to see when their fruit is at its prime and

ready to harvest.




limited availability

In February there still may be some Annonas for you to enjoy. These trees normally fruit

in late summer/fall but in mild winters some Annona fruits remain on the trees and

are available for you to enjoy.

 Give our growers a call to see to have them send you these delicious tropical treats.




season ending this month

The Florida avocado season is about over, but there are still a few avocados to enjoy.

Florida avocados are lower in fat content, are larger than the grocery store avocados,

and these Florida fruits have a luscious flavor that is perfect for salads,

sandwiches and guacamole. Florida avocados ship very well,
so have some shipped today!

Click here to reach our avocado growers





limited availability

Florida bananas are so much more tasty than the grocery store bananas, and you can

enjoy these delicious fresh fruits even in February. Ours bananas are moist,

have a delicate texture, and have hints of strawberries and citrus and

other subtle flavors. Our growers also raise plantains, which have a

lower sugar content than the dessert bananas, and they make wonderful

tostones and fried plantanos.

Our banana growers can ship fruit to you today!



now until June


This delightful little fruit is just beginning to ripen this month, and will continue 

for the next few months. This fruit is also called Star Apple for the star shaped arrangement

of the seeds when the fruit is cut in cross section. The edible pulp inside the tough rind

is translucent, like a grape, white and purple in color, and has a sweet taste.  This fruit is

very popular in the West Indies, Southeast Asia, and in Africa. There is a small group of growers

from south Florida that produce this fruit and can ship it to you now.

Contact these growers here to order your caimito!



limited availability


Even though we have past the peak season for Florida guavas, there are still

tasty guavas out there to enjoy!

Our growers can supply you with high quality guavas to enjoy. Click here.



limited availability​

Papaya fruit is grown year round in south Florida, with the peak season from July to October.

While some fruits slow down during the cooler temperatures, Florida papaya are ripe

for the picking during the winter. The Florida papaya is a large fruit that is green on the outside,

a beautiful orange sunset color on the inside, and tastes of a tropical melon. Delicious!

Contact our Florida growers for delicious exotic papaya!  




December – June

Sapodilla taste like a pear soaked in brown sugar, and my, my, my, are they tasty!

This oh-so-delicious sapodilla crop is ready for picking, and because there are several varieties

of sapodilla that mature at different times, the Florida sapodilla harvest extends

from December to the summer!

So contact our sapodilla growers here

to send you a few of these delicious fruits!



Starfruit / Carambola
winding down this month

Starfruits are still plentiful this month so contact our growers to send fruit to you today.

By the end of February this winter crop will be ending  and we won’t see starfruit

until the trees produce their summer crop in September. These lightly sweet fruits are crisp,

juicy and perfect for dessert, stir-fry’s, salads, and eating out of hand.

Contact our starfruit growers here.


Keep checking here on this page to see which Florida tropical fruits

will soon be ripe for the picking!



Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
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