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The tropical fruit season is in full swing now and the summer time crops are abundant!

 Mangos, longans, dragon fruit, papaya,  and more.

So many choices to make, ….. and enjoy!


Contact the growers listed on our Fruit Sales pages to order these wonderful, tropical fruits.


The fruits listed below are typically ripe during August. But due to the variations in weather patterns throughout the year and individual growers cultural practices, the fruits may ripen earlier or later then listed. Please contact the growers to see

when their fruit is at its prime and ready to harvest.



through September

The delicate, custard-like annonas are ripening and ready to be sent to you by contacting

our growers. These fruits have a sweet, very fruity flavor, and make a terrific dessert.


Our growers can ship you these delicious fruits ASAP!





now until January/February

The Florida avocado season is underway with many varieties to satisfy all avocado lovers until

early next year. Florida avocados are lower in fat content, are larger than the grocery store avocados,

and these Florida fruits have a luscious flavor that is perfect for salads, sandwiches and guacamole.

Florida avocados ship very well, so have some shipped today!


Click here to reach our avocado growers




now through late fall

Florida bananas are so much tastier than the grocery store bananas. Our bananas are moist, have a delicate texture, and have hints of strawberries and citrus and other subtle flavors. Our growers also

raise plantains, which have a lower sugar content than the dessert bananas,

and they make wonderful tostones and fried plantanos.

Our banana growers can ship fruit to you today!




Dragon Fruit

now to October

The fruits of this cactus are ripening and are ready to ship to you. The growers harvest dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, throughout the summer until mid-Fall. These fruits have a very mild, delicate flavor that when the fruit is chilled, is perfect for a hot day.

Contact our growers here for these delicious dragon fruits!




peak season now into September

The pink Florida and the white Thai guavas continue on with their harvest season. They are most abundant now and into September, but in limited supply throughout the year.

Our growers can supply you with high quality guavas to enjoy.




now through Fall

Summer is the start of jakfruit season. The trees are heavy with these very large, tasty fruits,

and they are ready for picking.


Contact one of our jakfruit growers here.





peak season now

The longan, a close relative to the lychee, is at its peak season now in south Florida. Some say they can eat these tasty fruits all,…day,…long Now that's tasty!

Contact our growers today while the longans are at their peak, to have them shipped to your door.





now until late September

Mid-season mangos are available now and the late season varieties are right behind them.

 Mangos should be available until September,

but don’t wait too long to order.

Contact our mango growers here.




now until early fall

Another choice to make among so many delicious fruits! The mamey takes over a year to grow

from flower to fruit, so harvest time is much anticipated for the mamey. These fruits are eaten

fresh from the peel, and also loved in a batida, or milkshake. 


Place a mamey order with one of our growers here.



now through the summer

The main crop continues to ripen on the trees and is ready to be sent to your door. Florida papayas

grow all year, although the summer months are when they are most plentiful.

Contact our grower to see if their papayas are,...

Ripe for the Picking!

Click here to reach our papaya growers!



Starfruit / Carambola

now until September

The main season for starfruit is now and will extend into September.

Chilled, thirst-quenching carambola hits the spot on these hot days of summer.


 Contact our starfruit growers here.









Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
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