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South Florida leaves another winter behind as our day temperatures are now reaching

into the 80’s often, and the night temperatures rarely get into the 50’s anymore.

The summer tree fruits that flowered in January and February now have small fruits developing

on the branches as they grow toward harvest size in early summer.

But we do have the winter fruit crops still on the trees, so take a look at what is

Ripe for the Picking from our growers.

The fruits listed below are typically ripe during March. However, due to the variations in

weather patterns throughout the year and cultural practices, the fruits may ripen earlier or

later then listed. Please contact the growers to see when their fruit is at its prime and

ready to harvest.


all year

Florida grown bananas are a wonderful crop as they give delicious fruit all year long.

The trees slow down a bit in the cooler temperatures and lower light levels of the winter,

but they still give us tasty bananas.

You can enjoy these tropical treats by contacting our growers here.


season begins in late March

This delightful little fruit is at its best at this time of year. This fruit is very popular

in the West Indies, Southeast Asia, and in Africa, and there is a small group of growers

from south Florida that produce this fruit here and can ship it to you now.


Contact these growers to order sweet Florida caimito!


all year

The pink flesh Florida guavas and the white flesh Thai guavas are available in small quantities

in March. The intensely flavored pink guavas are perfect made into pastelitos, drinks, or

eaten out of hand, and the crunchy, white Thai guavas are delicious in green mango or

green papaya salads, or eaten out of hand and dipped in a sugar/salt/chili pepper mixture

as is relished in Asian cuisine. Both of these guavas offer you an exotic taste throughout the year.

Contact our guava growers here to order Florida grown guavas!



all year

 Florida papaya is another crop that can produce fruit throughout the year, though the peak season

is in the summer months. Florida papayas are large, sweet and the color of a Florida sunset,

and they are delicious in fruit salads, in smoothies, and eaten out of hand.

Order Florida papayas from our growers here.



Passion Fruit
limited quantities

Passion fruits are harvested and available during the winter months in Florida

but in smaller quantities. These intensely flavored fruits give consumers an explosion of flavor

that shouts TROPICS!

Order a taste of the tropics with passionfruit from our growers!



December – June

The oh-so-delicious sapodilla crop is ready for picking, and DEVOURING!!!

Because there are several varieties of sapodilla that mature at different times,

the Florida sapodilla crop extends from December to the summer! This fruit is enjoyed

eaten out of hand but also used in breads and desserts.

 Contact our growers here to order fresh Florida sapodillas!



season ending

Yes, the winter crop of starfruit is ending this month, but you won’t have to wait for long

until the summer crop is here and you can enjoy these crisp, sweet, and juicy fruits!

Order your carambola here before the winter crop is gone!


Keep checking here on this page to see which Florida tropical fruits

will soon be,...

Ripe for the Ricking!



Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
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