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Fall is really here in south Florida and we are now regularly enjoy cooler day time temperatures

in the mid 80’s, and night time temperatures into the 60’s. Several of our tree crops

(mango, lychee, longan) need even cooler temperatures of the winter (40’s, 50’s) to initiate

a strong flowering that eventually will lead to fruit in the summer months. So while some of us

Floridian growers don’t like the thermometer to go below 70, many of our trees respond

very well to those cooler temperatures!


While the temperate fruit crops to our north are without fruit at this time of year,

a few of our tropical fruit tree crops are producing fruit now. See below for what tropical fruits

are available in November.


The fruits listed below are typically ripe during November. But due to the variations in weather patterns

throughout the year and cultural practices, the fruits may ripen earlier or later then listed. Please

contact the growers to see when their fruit is at its prime and ready to harvest.




now until January/February

Florida avocados are still available and plentiful until the first month or two into the new year.

Our Florida fruits have a luscious flavor that is perfect for salads, sandwiches or

guacamole. Florida avocados ship very well, so have some shipped today!


Click here to reach our avocado growers.




limited availability

As the weather begins to cool down, Florida banana plants begin to slow down

from the feverish production of the hot summer months. There are still plenty of bananas

waiting to be eaten!


Contact our banana growers at the link here.



Dragon Fruit

ending in November

 The fruits of this cactus have been ripening all summer and we are approaching the end

of the crop for this year. But there are still fruits to be enjoyed! 


Contact our growers here for these delicious dragon fruits!





limited availability

​Even though we have past the peak season for Florida guavas, there are still

tasty guavas out there to enjoy!

Please contact our growers to supply you with high quality guavas to enjoy.



ending in November

 This month marks the end of the jakfruit season for the year. These fruits are a very versatile fruit

that can be used in the immature stage as a vegetable, and also when ripe as a sweet fruit.


Contact our growers here to try jakfruit before they are gone for the year.




limited availability

 The ripening of the papaya crop is slowing down a bit as the daytime temperatures lessen

and daylight hours are fewer. But papaya ripens all year in south Florida!


Contact our growers here to order delicious Florida papaya!

Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
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