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We can feel it – the end of summer. The high temperatures are no longer in the low 90’s every day,

and the low temperatures at night get down to the mid 70’s. You can also see that the light

is changing as the days shorten and the sun heads back toward the south.

September also signals the last of several of the familiar tropical fruit crops

for the year – mango, lychee, longan.

But it also signals the beginning harvests of other crops:

carambola, dragon fruit, guava, papaya, and sugar apple.

And there will be more fruit throughout the winter. So don’t worry,…keep reading

to see what tropical fruit there are to enjoy this September.


The fruits listed below are typically ripe during September. But due to the variations in weather patterns throughout the year

and individual growers cultural practices, the fruits may ripen earlier or later then listed. Please contact the growers to see

when their fruit is at its prime and ready to harvest.




now through October

These delicate, custard-like fruit are at their peak in September, and are a delight.

Annonas have a sweet, fruity flavor, and

make a terrific dessert, or eaten out of hand.

Our growers can ship to you these delicious fruits today!




now until February/March

More avocado varieties continue to ripen as the avocado season progresses. Each of these avocado varieties has their own distinctive flavor and texture, much like the different flavors and textures of apples that you find in the grocery store each Fall. Florida avocados are great for salads, sandwiches, and, of course, guacamole! Our avocados ship very well, so have some Florida avocados shipped today!


Click here to reach our avocado growers



now through late Fall

Florida bananas keep coming! The hot, rainy days of summer encourage fast,

strong growth of the banana plants that give us these delicious fruits

for desserts, snacks, and side dishes.

Our banana growers can ship fruit to you today!




Dragon Fruit

now to October

The fruits of this cactus are ripening and are ready to ship to you. They will continue ripening

until mid-Fall. Dragon fruit goes great in a fruit salad, makes a tasty sorbet,

and is perfect eaten chilled, out of hand.

Contact our growers here for these delicious dragon fruits!




peak season now

The pink Florida and the white Thai guavas are at their prime for these next few months. Use the pink guava to make sauces, cakes, drinks, ice cream, etc. The white, crispy Thai varieties can be used like apples, but try them as they are used in Asian cuisine: sliced and dipped in a salt/sugar/chili mixture, or used in green papaya or mango salads.

Our growers can supply you with high quality guavas to enjoy.




now to October

The jakfruit is what you might call a multipurpose fruit. Use unripe jakfruit as a meat substitute for BBQ, tacos, and stir fries; use the sweet ripe jakfruit in ice creams, cakes, fruit salads, juices, and eaten fresh out of hand. The seeds can also be roasted or boiled and eaten like a potato, or made into a hummus. There are so many ways to use this tasty fruit.

Contact one of our jakfruit growers here to order this versatile fruit.




now until early fall

Mameys are usually available in September, but the harvest will be ending soon. So take advantage

of this delicious fruit while you can and enjoy it in a batida, in puddings, and breads,

as well as eaten out of hand. This fruit also freezes well and can be used throughout the year.

Place a mamey order with one of our growers here.



now through the fall

This is papaya time in South Florida and there are so many ways to enjoy ripe papaya:

in sweet dishes with smoothies and juices, fruit salads and salsas, breads, etc..

Use green or unripe papaya in savory dishes: salads, slaws, and curries.

Not only is papaya a versatile fruit, it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

Click here to reach our papaya growers!



Starfruit / Carambola

now through October

The second starfruit crop of the year is ready to pick from the trees right now,

and will continue into September. These lightly sweet fruits are crisp, juicy and

perfect for dessert, stir-fry’s, salad, and eating out of hand.

Contact our starfruit growers here.

Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
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