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​June is the month when the Florida tropical fruit season gets underway in earnest. The long days, increasing temperatures, and start of the rainy season all work together for the next few months

to mature and ripen these delicious fruits. As the summer progresses, different fruits will be ready to harvest as other fruits wind up their season for the year. So don’t miss the Florida tropical fruit bounty!


Below is a list of fruits that are typically ripe during June. But due to the variations in weather patterns throughout the year, the fruits may be ripe a few weeks earlier or later then listed.

Please contact the growers to see when their fruit is at its prime and ready to enjoy!



now until late fall

Florida bananas are packed with SO MUCH more flavor than the grocery store bananas. These bananas are moist, have a delicate texture, and have hints of strawberries and citrus and other subtle tastes.

Our growers also raise cooking bananas, which have a lower sugar content than the dessert bananas,

and they make wonderful tostones and fried plantanos.

Our banana growers can ship fruit to you today!




ending in June

The fruits of the caimito tree are full of delicately, sweet pulp that is easy to fall in love with!

We are usually at the end of the caimito harvest in June,

so contact our caimito growers right away before the fruit is gone until next year!





now until late June

It’s Lychee time!!! Yes, those juicy, sweet, delicious fruits are ripe and ready for shipping.

Order your lychees directly from our growers to get the freshest lychees around!






now until early fall

Once a mamey aficionado, always a mamey aficionado. The tasty pumpkin/sweet potato flavor

of mamey gets you hooked right from the first bite, and those first bites of the season are here.

Our growers know when the fruits are mature and ready to pick for the best flavor,

so contact them to get the freshest fruit in Florida.




now until late September

When you love mangos, the season can’t start soon enough! Florida mangos can be eaten

in the immature, or green stage, when they are used in salads and in chutneys,

and also when fully ripe. When looking for ripe mangos bursting with flavor,

our Florida mangos can’t be beat! Contact our mango growers here.


Passion Fruit

The small round fruits of the passion fruit vine will be available for harvest. These fruits

contain intensely flavored juice that adds a delicious component

to any sweet or savory dish, and a little goes a long way.

Our passion fruit growers can send these to your door for delicious dishes.





now to June

We are wrapping up the Sapodilla season at this time. There is usually a small crop in June,

but the end of the sapodilla season is near. The next crop will be starting up in the late fall.

Contact our growers to get the last of the sapodilla crop for the season.



now throughout the summer

Florida papayas grow and fruit all year, although the summer months are when they fruit

is most plentiful. The main crop is on the trees right now and is ready for harvest.

Our Papaya growers here can provide you with tasty Florida papaya!



Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
Sugar Apple Annona
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